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Hi I am Christian the founder of OddTod and I would like to tell you a brief bit about why I founded OddTod and a little about what we do and why.

So why Oddtod was founded

When OddTod was in the planning we were thinking how many people are enjoying the comfort and freedom leggings and athletic wear gives them while they are busy not just in the gym or at yoga but just walking around the town or country and would thought what a great trend and item the seemingly cheap and great looking clothing range was a revelation but we found there was one problem (well for the consumer at least) and that was the price the top brands where selling these items for which was £40-£200 per item!

So with that in mind we thought let’s get the same products strip back all the stuff that is not needed and costs money and pass that saving on to our customers so this is what we did.

What we did away with

  • Brand name
  • Fancy packaging
  • Warehouse and HQ over heads

What we kept

  • Same if not 95% of the quality
  • Customer service

What we added

  • Free shipping world wide
  • Source straight from the manufacturer
  • 14 day no hassle returns (subject to T&C’s)
  • Vale for money
  • Low prices for a product just as good as the top brands
  • Delivery times down to on average 8 days from order to door which on average for a ship from supplier is %120-160% faster than 96% of our competitors

So with all this and more we really feel delivers some of the best value and items for money today and we welcome all our customers to the OddTod Family

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